Elgg Chat

Elgg Chat Software

Add jQuery Chat to your Elgg site

  • Easy installation in under 5 minutes
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Fully integrates into your site with existing usernames, avatars, etc.
  • Works on shared hosting
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Scalable Platform

    Scalable platform

    Our standard edition is best for most websites, but our business edition allows a separate server to run chat queries.

  • Cross-browser compatible

    Cross-browser compatible

    Our software will work on all major modern browsers. This includes IE 7+, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Opera.

  • Continous development

    Continous development

    We’re always improving the software. Come back after you purchase for more updates.

  • Developers welcome

    Developers welcome

    Developers have 100% full control of the script. In fact, you can release modifications, themes, and applications in our store.

Complete control of your chat

ArrowChat gives you complete freedom to change the product the way
rsquo;d like. You have the control over your chat software to change
anything you’d like.

Full unencrypted source code

No tricks here. We give you full access to change the code. In fact, we compress our JavaScript files on the fly so you can still edit them with ease.

Pick and choose your features

Don’t need chatrooms, notifications, applications, etc? No problem, we give you full control in the admin panel to disable anything.

ArrowChat features

All the features you want

We’ve got the most feature-rich chat software on the planet. Chat rooms, notifications, applications -- we got it all. Still not enough? Download even more applications and modifications from our store.

Video Chat

Video Chat

ArrowChat has the option to allow video chat via a flash interface. Enabling this option does not consume more resources.

Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms

Our chat rooms offer a full set of features like password-protected rooms, moderators, kicking, and more.



Users can get notifications like private messages and friend requests straight from the ArrowChat bar.



Need even more features? We have a full application system to install whatever you need onto your bar.

Full Admin Panel

Full Admin Panel

Manage everything and anything with your bar. From disabling smilies to editing your theme’s templates - we got it all.



Announcements pop out in real-time to all your users. Get information to them fast.

ArrowChat Store

ArrowChat Store

Our store is full of modifications, themes, and applications for you to download for your chat.

Popout Chat

Popout Chat

Need to browse between pages? ArrowChat has popout chat to keep you chatting.

ArrowChat Themes


Our template and css files make it easy to customize ArrowChat to fit your website.

User Options

User Options

Your users can customize their bar the way they like it with things like hide chat and keeping the buddylist window open.

Real-time Status

Real-time Status

The chat tabs and buddylist are kept us to date when users are typing, idle, offline, busy and more.

Awesome technical support

We pride ourself on having the best support staff in the industry. We won’t abandon you until your issue is solved. We don’t outsource our staff and our office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Free ticket support

All editions of ArrowChat come with 30 days of technical support tickets. We’re extremely knowledgeable and will get your issue resolved no matter how long it takes.

Forum support included

When your technical support time expires, we have a great community ready for you. Others are ready to answer your questions.

Quick support responses

We’ll answer your tickets as quickly as possible. Our average response time is just over 1 hour the year that we’ve been in business, but we’ve answered as quickly as one minute.

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