Admin Overview

In this article, we'll go into detail about functions and features in the overview section of the administration panel.

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Logging In

You can login to the ArrowChat administration panel by visiting in your browser (replacing with your own domain).

Forgotten Password

There is a forgot password link that will allow you to reset your password via the email you used when installing ArrowChat.

If you do not have access to that email or can't remember it, you can also reset your password via the database. Log into phpMyAdmin and open up the arrowchat_admin table. You can then directly edit the username and password fields. Please note that you must convert the password to MD5. You can use this MD5 conversion tool.


Announcements can be creating on the main Overview page. You can use full HTML when writing them. When the Show button is pressed, the announcement will be shown to all users. If you make a mistake in the HTML, simply press the Save button to have it instantly update. The Hide button can be used to hide all announcements instantly regardless of read status.

Embed Codes

Embed codes are instances of ArrowChat that can be placed anywhere, even without the ArrowChat bar or on a completely different website. You can find demos of each embed code on our features page.