In this article, we'll show you how to create new languages, modifying existing ones, and more.


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Creating a Language

The easiest way to create a new language within ArrowChat is to duplicate the existing language and edit the files. We'll take you through that process below.

  • Duplicate the Files

    Go to your /language/ folder and make a copy of the /en/ folder and the en.php file inside it.

  • Rename the Files

    Rename your newly copied folder to something else. For example, you could name it fr for French. You then need to rename the file inside the folder to the same name as the folder. For example, /fr/fr.php.

  • Edit the Language

    The last step is to edit your new file. Using the example above, we would edit the fr.php file. Make all the changes you need using the modifying a language section as a guide.

Modifying a Language

You can modify the language in ArrowChat by opening up the /{language name}/{language name}.php file. For example, open up the /en/en.php file.

The file is written in PHP so you must be careful to keep the code intact. You should only edit the words and do not touch any other code in the file. Each word or phrase must be put within quotes.

$language[1]	=	"PHRASE OR WORD GOES HERE";

Be careful with using double quotes in this file as you will break the code. Doubles quotes need to be escaped with a backwards slash:

$language[1]	=	"PHRASE WITH /" DOUBLE QUOTE";

You can also use HTML in the file:

$language[1]	=	"Vist our <a href=/"">page</a>";

You'll need to activate the language in the ArrowChat admin panel by visiting the Languages section of the System pages if it is not already active.


This process is for website owners that wish to change the language file based on the language that the user has selected on there website. For example, if a user clicks the French flag on your website, ArrowChat should update to the French language.

In order to do this, you'll need to add &lang={LANGUAGE NAME} to the ArrowChat footer code with type=djs on it.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/arrowchat/external.php?type=djs&lang=fr" charset="utf-8"></script>

The example above would change the language to the /language/fr/fr.php file.