In this article, we'll detail the requirements for ArrowChat so that you're ready to use it to its full extent.

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Server Requirements

We'll detail all the necessary software and hardware that your server must have in this section.

  • PHP version 5 or higher

    ArrowChat supports all versions of PHP 7 and 8 as well. Your site does not need to be written in PHP so long as it is installed on your server.

  • MySQL v4+ or MSSQL Server 2005+

    ArrowChat supports any version of MySQL higher than 4 and any version of MSSQL Server 2005 and above. We recommend using MySQL for the best experience. A couple of smaller features are not available on MSSQL.

  • PHP cURL (Optional)

    The PHP extension cURL is not required but it does enable a couple of features that are otherwise unavailable. Overall, ArrowChat will still work without it and the majority of functions.

Supported Browsers

Of course, you'll need a compatible browser to use ArrowChat. Luckily, we've made sure it works on all modern browsers and some older ones too. JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on browsers for ArrowChat to function properly.

Current Version Current Version Current Version Current Version Current Version
12 60 Edge 74 74
4 9.5 IE11 4 1
3 9 IE7 3
2 8 IE6 2
1 IE5 1.5

Push Server and Video Chat

There are no special requirements to enable these features or any other features of ArrowChat.