In you're having trouble with any trouble with ArrowChat, this article will teach you the same steps that our technical support team uses to identiy problems.


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Debug Page

One of the best tools for figuring out why ArrowChat may or may not be working is the debug page. You can access the debug page by visiting (replacing with your own domain).

You can use the /includes/integration.php file to output information to the debug page. For example, if you want to look at session data, open up the integration file and input this code:


Your debug page will now output session data when visiting the page.

Enabling Errors in ArrowChat

By default, ArrowChat hides all PHP errors, warnings, and notices to prevent a bad front-end experience. Sometimes these error messages can tell us what is wrong with the installation.

You can enable error messages in the bootstrap.php file by changing the error_reporting and display_errors to the following:

	@ini_set('display_errors', 1);

JavaScript and Network Errors

This guide will detail how to check for JavaScript and network errors on Google Chrome. However, you can do these same functions in any modern browser and the process is nearly the same.

JavaScript Errors

You can bring up the developer console with Ctrl+Shift+I or by Right-clicking and selecting Inspect.

JavaScript Errors in Developer Console

You'll want to make sure that Console is selected to see any kind of warnings or errors. Any error messages and warnings will be displayed here. You can also click on the link (which is also the file name) and it will take you to the place in the code the error occurs.

Network Activity

You can also click the Network Tab to see information that is constantly being passed to and from ArrowChat in real time.

Network in Developer Console

Look for files that are withing the /arrowchat/ folder. If a filename is in red, there was some kind error loading or processing the file. Click on a filename to look at it in more detail.

Network Response in Developer Console

Click Response and you'll be able to see the actual information that is being returned by the file. If there is no information being returned, try enabling errors using the guide above.