One-on-one chat

Private chat between users is our bread and butter. We've been carefully crafting a recipe up for years that makes the user experience the best in the business. The features listed below are just a small sample of everything included.


A sneak peek of the features awaiting you

  • Voice & Video Chat

    Users can use voice or video chat straight from ArrowChat.

  • Emojis

    Full support for an emoji keyboard to make expressing yourself easy.

  • Send Files

    Users can send and receive files and images while chatting.

  • Word Censoring

    Automatically block words that you don't want people to use.

  • Report Users

    Your users can flag a conversation for an admin or mod to review.

  • Block Users

    ArrowChat users can instantly block anyone.

  • Giphy

    Users can send short moving images with Giphy.

  • Smart History

    As a user scrolls up in a conversation, history is automatically loaded.

  • YouTube Embeds

    YouTube links automatically turn into a playable video in a message.


Audio and video chat on desktop and mobile

ArrowChat has and Vonage support built-in, so your users can video chat with each other on a desktop and a mobile device.

Video chat on desktop

Use chat rooms to chat with groups of users

Chat rooms are feature-rich with powerful moderation controls, user features, and group permissions. You can even embed them into your page.

ArrowChat chat rooms

A preview of the included chat room features

  • Flood Controls

    Limit the number of messages that a user can send every X seconds.

  • Silence & Kick

    Modss have the option of kicking, silencing, or banning users.

  • Assign Moderators

    Set up moderators and admins in chat rooms to control chat.

  • Instant Delete

    Delete spam or abuse in a chat room in real-time.

  • Welcome Messages

    Display a short message for users when they first enter a room.

  • Descriptions & Images

    Give meaning to a chat room with a short description and image.

  • Giphy

    If enabled, users can send short moving images with Giphy.

  • Send Files

    If enabled, share a file or image with the entire chat room.

  • Group Permissions

    Choose which users can enter a chat room based on their group.


Embed chat rooms into your page

Embed a variety of different codes, including the list of online users, private chat, and chat rooms.


Let's take a look at some more features

  • Announcements

    Show announcements that pop-up to all users in real-time.

  • Real-time Status

    The chat tabs show when users are typing, idle, offline, and more.

  • Notifications

    Show notifications from your site like messages and friend requests.

  • Tab Sync

    ArrowChat will sync across all open browser tabs.

  • Push Server

    Use our push service to make messaging instant and reduce load.

  • Multi-Language

    ArrowChat is based on UTF-8 and will work with any language.

  • RTL Support

    ArrowChat fully supports right-to-left languages.

  • Cross-Browser

    Support for IE 9+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari, Opera 9+, and Chrome.

  • Open-Source

    100% open-source so you can customize anything.