Full Administration Panel

Among other firsts, we were the first to include an admin panel in chat software.


What this means is that we've had plenty of time to figure out what people want to change -- everything! That's why you can change the smallest of options with a single click.


More settings than any other software


Group Permissions

ArrowChat integrates with your site's group system so that you can disable features based on group.


Analytics & Logs

We'll show you how many messages are being sent, what is being said, how many users are registering, and more.


Template System

A full theme system is included so that you can customize the look of ArrowChat to your liking.



ArrowChat can support any language and multiple languages. There is a single language file for translating.

Embed Code

Embed chat rooms, online users, and private chats with ease.


Get information to your users instantly by sending our an announcement to everyone using ArrowChat.


Our store includes tons of applications for you to install from the admin panel.


Real-time notifications allow users to be notified when they have a friend request, private message, and more.

Custom Links

Dynamic custom links allow you to add a link to any page on your site with ease including user ID and username links.

Chat Rooms

Setup and manage a chat room completely from the ArrowChat admin panel.

Tons of Settings

We've only scratched the surface here. There are tons of small tweaks that you can make.

Themes Galore

Our store holds pre-made themes that you can install in one click. In addition, the admin panel allows for complete customization through the combination of templates and CSS.


Whatever you want, it can be built.


Full Moderation

Stop those pesky spammers and chat abusers.


Assign administrators and moderators from the admin panel which allows them to handle reports, warn and ban users, and have full chat room moderation controls.


Admin Demo