Chat Bar

Features available on the main chat bar available to the end-user


Guest Chat

Guests can chat and change their name right from ArrowChat.

Real time status

Real-time Status

The chat tabs and buddy list are kept up-to-date when users are typing, idle, offline, and more.

HTML5 notifications

HTML5 Notifications

Desktop notifications pop up when users receive new messages (only available on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).

Custom Links

Display dynamic links to web pages that can include the user's name or ID.

Unlimited conversations

Unlimited Conversations

ArrowChat will automatically condense chat windows when there are too many conversations open for the browser's width.

Maintenance Mode

Need to shut down the chat for a bit? Do it in a single click.



Need even more features? We have a full application system to install whatever you need onto your bar.

Hide Bar

Some users may not want to use our great chat feature, so you can allow them to hide the bar completely.

Mobile users

Mobile Users

ArrowChat will show which users online are on a mobile device.

Adjustable Tab Sizes

Is the who's online tab too big or too small? No problem! Many tabs can be easily adjusted in the admin panel.

Adjustable Size

The bar can adjust to be fixed/fluid, set edge padding, and be aligned on the left, right or center.



Announcements pop out in real-time to all your users. Get information to them fast.



Users can get notifications like private messages and friend requests straight from the ArrowChat bar.

Tab Sync

ArrowChat will sync everything instantly in real-time across all a user's browser tabs.

Chat Rooms

Some of the different options available in chat rooms


Admin Only

Chat rooms can be setup so that only admins/mods can enter.


Users or admins/mods can put a password on chat rooms to protect it.

Chat Room Images

Descriptions & Images

Now you can give your room more meaning before a user enters with a short description and image.

User Limits

Too many users in a chat room can be chaotic, so we allow you to limit the number for each room.

Chat Flood

Limit the number of messages that a user can send every X seconds.

Chat Room Delete

Mod Delete

Delete spam or abuse in a chat room in a single click. The message is deleted in real-time.

Welcome Text

Display a short message for users when they first ever a room.

Chat Room Kick and Silence


Admins/mods have the option of kicking, silencing, or banning those abusive users.

Send Files

Share a file or image with the entire chat room with a couple of clicks.

Pop-Out Room

Users can pop out the room to stay in even when not on your site.


Setup moderators and admins in chat rooms that can perform various actions like deleting messages, silencing and kicking users, adjusting the chat flood, and more.

User Rooms

You'll have the option of allowing users to create their rooms right from the bar if you want.

Private Chat

Some of the different options available in 1-on-1 chat



Emojis New

Users can send emojis to each other with ease.

Video/Voice New

With, TokBox, Jitsi, and JumpInChat support, your users can video/audio chat.

Word Censoring

Automatically block words that you don't want your users saying to each other.

Send Files

Users can send and receive files and images while chatting.

In-line Images

An image preview is displayed right in the chat conversation and expands upon clicking it.

Inline Images


Users can send short moving images with Giphy.

Block User

ArrowChat users can instantly block anyone that they don't want to communicate with.

Smart message history

Smart History

As a user scrolls up in a chat conversation, history is automatically loaded in order.

Report User

Abusers and spammers are no longer a problem as users are able to report conversations.

Pop-Out Chat

One-on-one chat can be popped out so the conversation can continue anywhere.

YouTube Embeds New

YouTube links automatically turn into a playable video in a message.

Sending Indicator

ArrowChat shows when a message is being sent and if there was an issue sending the message.

Search Friends

User Search New

Search for any user within ArrowChat, both offline and online.

Clear Conversation

Clear your conversation history in a single click (admins still have access to logs until deleted).

Style and Administration

ArrowChat gives you complete control with the features below


Templates & CSS

ArrowChat has a full template system and is based on CSS, so making modifications is easy.

Statistics and Logs

Analytics & Logs

We'll show you how many messages are being sent, what is being said, how many users are registering, and more.

RTL Support New

ArrowChat fully supports right-to-left languages with a click of the button.

Tons of settings

Tons of Settings

There are hundreds of settings, both big and small, in the admin panel to customize.


Change the color of a theme with just a few clicks.

Embed Codes

Now you can embed chat rooms, 1-on-1 chat, and the online list right into your page.


Clean up all the users, messages, notifications, and more with a single click.



A full theme system is included so that you can customize the look of ArrowChat to your liking.

Group Settings

Disable features within ArrowChat based on what group the user is in.

Push Server

Use our push service to make sending and receiving messages instant, have better tab syncing, and reduce server load.



ArrowChat is based on UTF-8 and will work with any language.



Mobile App New

There is a full mobile web application so that your users can use ArrowChat on the go.

Avatars Sync

ArrowChat will automatically sync with your user's avatars (profile pictures).

Spam Protection New

Automatically disable ArrowChat for users who try to spam the system.

Reports and Moderation

Full Moderation

Setup moderators and admins to check reports and warn or ban users that may be abusing the chat system.

Regular Updates

New features are added all the time as we regularly update the software.

Master/Slave Databases New

Scale up to a large site with smart database management.

Automatic Login

Automatic Login

ArrowChat supports a wide array of PHP scripts so that it will automatically log in users that are on your site. Custom sites can set this up too.

Database Sync

Everything in your existing database can be synced, such as usernames, avatars, profile links, and more.

Cross Browser


ArrowChat works on all modern browsers and mobile devices, including IE 9+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari, Opera 9+, and Chrome.

Open Source


We're entirely open-source so that you can customize ArrowChat to your liking.