Connect on any device, from any location

ArrowChat includes a version tailored specifically for mobile devices. A user visiting your site on a mobile device will be able to pop-up the chat right within your page.


All the same great features from the web

  • Voice & Video Chat

    Users can use voice or video chat straight from ArrowChat.

  • Emojis

    Full support for an emoji keyboard to make expressing yourself easy.

  • Send Files

    Users can send and receive files and images while chatting.

  • Word Censoring

    Automatically block words that you don't want people to use.

  • Report Users

    Your users can flag a conversation for an admin or mod to review.

  • Block Users

    ArrowChat users can instantly block anyone.

  • Giphy

    Users can send short moving images with Giphy.

  • Chat Rooms

    As a user scrolls up in a conversation, history is automatically loaded.

  • YouTube Embeds

    YouTube links automatically turn into a playable video in a message.


Video chat for mobile devices

ArrowChat has and Vonage support built-in, so your users can video chat with each other on a desktop and a mobile device.

Video chat on mobile

Convert to a native app

Because ArrowChat is built on Onsen UI, you can easily convert it into a native iOS or Android application for your users to download on the app store.


*Guide still in development


Keep visitors on your page

You can choose to pop up the mobile chat app from within your page. There is no need to have your users download an app.

Mobile pop-up chat in page

Let's take a look at some more features

  • Mobile API

    Our JavaScript API works on mobile devices too.

  • Pull to Refresh

    Users can pull down to refresh lists and get history.

  • Settings

    Mobile users have custom settings tailored to mobile.

  • Push Server

    Use our push service to make messaging instant and reduce load.

  • Multi-Language

    ArrowChat is based on UTF-8 and will work with any language.

  • Open-Source

    100% open-source so you can customize anything.