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Ticket By blowingwind 04 May 2018, 08:57

1. Just upgraded to ArrowChat 2.1.1
My Main App is IPBoard 4.3.1 forum

2. Problem : Hide Chat ">" is NOT Persistent across pages
a. Selected Hide Chat.
b. Click to another URL on my forum
c. The Chat bar opens back instead of being "hidden" like previous 1.8.x behaviour.

Chat Bar

ArrowChat Version:
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Ticket By blowingwind 05 May 2018, 22:10

I upgraded from and OLD version

When I delete and do a FRESH INSTALL, the bug went away.

Closed the issue.

Status Change

Changed ticket status from "New" to "Not a bug"
Action performed by Jason ยป 20 May 2018, 00:30