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Ticket By blossom 01 Jul 2018, 16:23

when user a is sending image to user b, user a cannot preview the image until he reloads the page.

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Ticket By zoxtrix 15 Jul 2019, 23:58

I think the customer may mean that the lightbox won't launch for the sender on an image that has just been uploaded. I've found that after uploading an image file, its thumbnail will in fact appear in the chatbox ... but if I then click on that thumbnail nothing will happen. The simple solution is to close the chatbox then re-open it. Clicking on the thumbnail again will indeed launch the lightbox for the image. That's at least how it seems to work on AC v2.2 installed on vB v4.2 .
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Ticket By blossom 16 Jul 2019, 07:50

i don't believe they are going to reply to us.
this project is not really maintained. i've suggested to them more than once to go open source and sell professional services, but not reply...

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