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Ticket By Tripp 02 Dec 2018, 12:23

As I was advised to post it in the bug section from the support ticket:

I have a problem with ArrowChat which is periodically dropping messages for one of my users on their mobile. He types in the message and sends it, only it never comes up on the screen, and the otherside never get the message.

Mobile Chat

ArrowChat Version:
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Ticket By zoxtrix 12 Jul 2019, 02:35

This seems a common problem among ArrowChat's mobile mode users. I've been experiencing precisely the same issue with version 2.2 (business edition). About 10 to 20 percent of 1-to-1 messages fail to arrive on the destination mobile devices. On a positive note, it's at least encouraging that the ArrowChat team has not dismissed your report. However, it HAS been 7 months without as much as a short reply to you from them here. I'm unsure how they might justify such avoidance.

For what it's worth, I have described my experience testing and dealing with this very issue in a few threads on this message board... hoping that Jason or someone connected with ArrowChat might fix the issue or assist us customers in doing so. They (AC) are clearly aware of the problem. Arguably, they have silently acknowledged *it* by leaving your 7-month old post at "new" status. Seven months with no feedback seems beyond avoidant, though... not to mention fairly ridiculous. The appearance is that they're either hoping the issue (which seems to be a serious bug) will magically vanish or they intend to implement a fix in version 2.3. I very much hope it's the latter. But considering how long the problem has existed, I have my doubts.

Based on the date your report was submitted and the ensuing lack of response from AC, I suppose I shouldn't expect any feedback on my thread activity concerning the topic. I kind of feel like I threw away $295. Reliable 1-to-1 mobile device communications is a main role I had planned for ArrowChat to facilitate. I'm obviously not very happy,... but I'm willing to give them every chance to remedy the matter.
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Ticket By lsgdominic 21 Jul 2019, 17:17


For version 2.2, this issue still exist.
I made a bug report myself:

I don't know if I can or should or must link my report to this one or how to make clear these are possibly related.

Please advice, keep us informed.

Or, better, please solve these issues.
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Ticket By zoxtrix 22 Jul 2019, 20:15

lsgdominic: Yesterday, I asked ArrowChat support the same question on my support ticket. They told me to put everything relating to this bug within this existing bug thread. I have actually documented a great deal about my testing and observations relating to it. Everything from me can be found in the following thread:

ArrowChat 2.2 - testing reveals a problem

(With the exception of those parts of my posts that ArrowChat Support censored/edited out!)

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