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by farhan 09 Jan 2013, 06:33


Do you have a plan to implement XMPP chat, in that case chat will be real time and less resource will be used,

right now it sends ajax request to the server after approx every 3 sec.

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ArrowChat Team
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by Jason 09 Jan 2013, 10:40

To answer your question, XMPP is being worked on but no ETA yet.

However, if you're only after instant delivery and less resources, that is what our push service is for:
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by gpi 21 Jan 2013, 08:44

I hope that the push model will not stop you from investing in other protocols...
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by AbualiVizirov 10 Dec 2014, 00:08

An XMPP client is any software or application that enables you to connect to an XMPP for instant messaging with other people over the Internet. There are many free clients you can use to do this, for many different devices and operating systems.
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by JigenDaisuke 22 Dec 2014, 07:58

It would be great to use the protocol xmmp to extend the service of chat clients like Pidgin free from xabber pc and mobile.