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by antlervision 31 Dec 2015, 16:45

I just installed the TRIAL version of ArrowChat that I downloaded from here (after registering) and got a rather nasty message accusing me of using PIRATED software. Not assuming that they could be wrong however totally implying my GUILT of using illegal software. Rather heavy handed.

I was trying ArrowChat out today to consider between it and other chat solutions however I am not happy being accused of piracy right out of the gate.

I have lost over $500,000 to software piracy and I am totally against it. However that does not justify this letter and process of attacking new customers.

At this moment, I am very shy about buying and using ArrowChat since I was treated this way.

-- Gerry Humphrey
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by Jason 01 Jan 2016, 14:37

I apologize for the piracy email that you received. We just updated something in our system and trial versions were incorrectly getting marked as pirated software. We've since fixed the issue and you can rest assured that you are in full compliance. Again, I apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience this may have caused.