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by lroot 28 Jun 2015, 23:50

Can anyone recommend an approach to integrating ArrowChat into your own VCS? Specifically I want to:

  • Customize existing core features
  • Adding new features
  • Integrate downstream changes efficiently

One example approach could be to manage the problem with your VCS. One could:

  1. Require that all code changes get a special comment calling out the customization.
  2. Add downstream updates by extracting new files over an integration branch in your VCS.
  3. Examine all code changes scanning for any comments. If found, then manually adjust and apply the change.
  4. apply the integration branch to your production branch to finish the upgrade
  5. Execute any upgrade scripts that may need to turn

This approach could be scripted making the process pretty quick for none conflicting updates. But are there other approaches? Is there a best practice recommended by the ArrowChat team?