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by RTenrio 26 Jan 2016, 11:21

Is there any way to open a poup direct conversation on mobile version?

Currently, this only works on DESKTOP version:

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<a href="javascript:;" onClick="jqac.arrowchat.chatWith('23');">Chat With Me</a>

I can see bellow parameters by using "inspect element" on chorme, when you click on user to chat (DESKTOP version).

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But, i cant use that parameters or javascript api "chatWith() " to open a direct chat conversation on MOBILEversion. Something like this:

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by jcom 02 May 2016, 01:19

I really need also this because most of my users run on mobile devices and that's why i bought the new version of arrowchat.

I've check with the inspector and see:


on POST /arrowchat/includes/json/send/send_settings.php

but can't seem to work,

please support tell us how because it's not working