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by TPonsky 14 Nov 2020, 08:20

In the popout chat tool, there's a tab bar at the bottom of the chat that shows all chatrooms that are public as well as the private chat tabs.

We need to be able to hide ALL public chat rooms except the one the user is in and ONLY show the private chat tabs. The only thing we've been able to do is use CSS to make the whole tab bar hidden. But this prevents the users from toggling between the one chat room and the private chats.

One way that might be helpful is to add another option to the "Chatroom Type" that's called "Unlisted" or "Private - No Password". Then when the chat opens, the tabs will only show the chat room tab for the chat that's defined in the iframe or any that are set to public. Any unlisted rooms won't show up.

Open to other suggestions...