General ArrowChat talk that doesn't fit any other forum.
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by Shank 13 Apr 2016, 19:37

It would be very nice to give users an option to go into a full page version of the chat system. That is... selecting a room, joining and/or creating a room without forcing them to use the mobile version, which is feature-poor in comparison.

This seems like a no-brainer, really. There's any number of reasons why someone would want to use the features in a full-page browser. Not the least of which is that a lot of people have pop-out blockers and don't want to turn them off.

Also, not for nothing, but on site's were mobile-detection code is a bit dodgy. On iPads, for example, the default of a lot of detection scripts assumes it to be a normal browser and shunts users to the regular version of a site.

Which is really bad in Arrowchat because the non-mobile version doesn't work on Safari for ipad.