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by lsgdominic 29 Apr 2018, 11:54


We cannot create a new chat room from within the AC Admin Panel.
We get the error message in red:
There was a database error. Please try again.

We can create a new chat room "manually", directly on the database in the phpMyAdmin module.
In that screen, I choose to copy an existing row in table arrowchat_chatroom_rooms. I change the ID to the next available integer, change the text for chat room name, description, welcome text. And I click 'Go' to save this.

After a refresh in the AC Admin Panel, this new room is visible, I can change title, description, ... as desired and save these changes successfully.

Where can I take a look, where can I digg to find what's going on at the moment the AC Admin Panel needs to create a new table? To track what's happening, what could cause the "there was a database error"?
And/or which php file is the one to look into to find the 'insert' code or table row creation code?

I tried to search in your forum, I find a single report with this same error message, from 2013. Referring to a possible database error.
I ran the "repair database" from within AC, no difference. After this, still an error and no new room has been created.
Manually, still works.

AC: 2.1.
PHP: 7.0.28
WP: 4.9.5.