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by jjsanchezgarcia 04 Aug 2020, 06:33

I received thie email from Vonage (previously TokBox).

Do you think everything is going to work right after 01/09?

Thank you,

ACTION REQUIRED: Changes to your Vonage Video API services (formerly TokBox)

Dear customer,

As part of our continuous commitment to security, we are deprecating and replacing some of the old cipher suites used by our SIP Interconnect infrastructure.

Vonage Video API Customers using secure Transport protocol, such as TLS, to carry SIP (aka. SIP over TLS) traffic may be affected.

Customers running SIP traffic over other transport protocols such as TCP or UDP, are not affected.

The full list of new ciphers can be found in this knowledge base article and at the end of this email.

These new ciphers are already active and the old ciphers will be deprecated by September 1st 2020, please make sure you have moved over to using the new ones by then.

We strongly recommend that you verify the new ciphers are supported by your SIP infrastructure as soon as possible. If you work with SIP service providers, please verify support for the new ciphers with them.

If you are planning to upgrade to SIP-TLS before 1st August 2020, Vonage recommends to use the new cipher list for better security and avoid any service disruption.

If you are uncertain of whether these changes will impact your usage of our products we recommend that you contact your own, local, IT team with these details.

If you need further assistance, or have any queries, please contact your Account Manager at Vonage or our Video API Support team.

Kind regards,

The Vonage API team
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by Jason 04 Aug 2020, 09:04

ArrowChat should be unaffected.