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There was an error sending your message.

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2018, 08:34
by PrettyPixels
We have a Premium version of Arrowchat running on our site with 3-5 users at a time. Every so often, the chat errors out and we get a message with a red background that says:

There was an error sending your message. Try again later.

We have only been using the one-on-one chat, so I'm not sure if this is happening in other places.

When this happens, the chatters have to reload the page and previous messages in the discussion are missing and/or way out of order.

The issue seems to happen roughly every half hour.

Originally, I thought this may be related to our server load, so I switched to your push service. We are still/currently paying for (and using) the push service and are still seeing these errors.

Our site is the latest version of Invision Suite and we have used your integration instructions for SSO.

We paid extra for support and put in a ticket a few days ago Ticket ID: RM2CJXKXV6. Still no response from the Arrowchat team. We really need to have this fixed.

Can you please help us correct this issue?

Re: There was an error sending your message.

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2019, 15:44
by PRosenberg
We just got this error too. Is there a solution?