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Bar links - Color

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2019, 16:21
by Rickanator
I'm trying to change the color of the bar links Button Name. It defaults to black. We have a dark bar background, and want to change the bar links button name to white so the button name is viewable.

I'm using the Facebook theme. In the theme colorize options you can change the bar text color, however that only changes the "CHAT" link button color. I need to change the bar link color, not just the chat button color.

I've gone thru the style.css line by line and can't figure it out. Has anyone been able to change the BAR link button name color to something other than black? Thanks.

Re: Bar links - Color

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2019, 17:45
by Rickanator
Never mind, Solved.