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by Jason 16 Feb 2013, 07:51

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with long usernames breaking the embedded chat room's user list
  • Fixed an issue with JCow
  • Updated PhpFox's installation instructions for the header/footer code
  • Updated Elgg's installation instructions to warn about clearing the cache
  • Fixed an issue with SocialEngine not logging out of chat when logged out on the site
  • Fixed the chat room API
  • Fixed a PHP short tag issue
  • Updated myBB's integration to include the native friend list
  • Fixed an issue with myBB not logging out of chat when logged out on the site
  • Fixed an issue with single quotes escaping when the chat window is minimized
  • Fixed an issue with allowing guests to become admins
  • Removed automatic upgrade button until it is working again
  • Added instructions on how to fix the Invision multiple upload issue
  • Fixed an issue with the embedded chat room causing ArrowChat to think it is popped out
  • Fixed an issue with the chat room list not showing users
  • Fixed an issue with chat messages being attached to the wrong user in the window

Upgrade Instructions

1. Backup your existing files

2. Download ArrowChat v1.6.1 and replace all files
--- OR ---
2. Download ArrowChat v1.6.1 and only replace the files below (Only do this if you are on v1.6)

3. Update your theme for the chat room embed fix. We've updated all ArrowChat themes to support this fix.

If you have custom changes in your theme, just change the font-size to 11 in the following class:

myBB and SocialEngine Users
If you are experiencing login issues or friend's list issues (myBB only), then please do the following:
1. Get the /includes/functions/integrations/functions_{integration}.php file
2. Rename it to integration.php
3. Put it in the includes folder, so the new path is includes/integration.php

Files changed in this version: