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by Jason 01 Apr 2010, 02:27

New Features
  • New debug file located at arrowchat/debug.php to help you troubleshoot.
  • There is now an option to disable long-polling in the admin panel's configuration settings. This should improve performance on certain servers.
  • Buddylist will no longer load until clicked.

  • The buddy list will now only receive information for offline users.
  • Removed theme changer, popout chat, and chatroom options in the admin panel until they are integrated.
  • Added a session_start to functions_receive because many standalone installations were forgetting this.
  • The status flyout will now reverse only after 100px down from 150px.

  • The new_facebook theme has been updated to coincide with Facebook's changes.

  • New language @ 25: Loading...

Bug Fixes
  • Z-Index added to CSS to fix sites that were overlapping the bar.
  • Firefox will no longer display half the letters in the chat window textarea.
  • Internet Explorer will no longer display </div> in the chat window textarea.
  • Subdomain will no longer display errors about the console.
  • No new notifications language was fixed.
  • IE7 will now properly display the status/options in the buddy list.
  • The is typing image will now properly go away after 60 seconds of inactivity.
  • Your own user ID will never display on the buddy list.
  • Applications will now hide when hide bar is clicked.
  • The number of new messages will now display properly.
  • IE8 will now display tab clicks properly.
  • JomSocial tab titles will now display properly.
  • The chat window will no longer partly hide when the browser width is not long enough.
  • New message sound is now working.
  • A user's status will now display properly on a new page load.

Upgrade Urgency

Upgrade Instructions

Due to the amount of files changed in this update, the upgrade process will require overwriting all files and running the Arrowchat installer again. Running the installer again will not delete any of your current settings except in the functions_receive.php file (which we've made a small change to). You can look at your config.php file to view your previous installation settings -- these will not change.

Make copies of your config.php and includes/functions_receive.php files if they are unique so that you'll be able to transfer them over with the new version.

Important change for standalone customers: The get buddy list function should now only receive ONLINE users and not offline users as well. If you are still setup to receive offline users, your buddy list tab will display an incorrect number on page load.

You'll also want to clear your browser cache to see the new style changes.
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by Staff Bot 07 Nov 2012, 12:40

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