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PostPosted: 16 May 2010, 22:18
by Jason
New Features
  • Cron job - There is now a cron job file included with the package (cron.php). It is highly recommended that you setup a cron job that executes this file every so often. You must uncomment the query lines before it will work, and it is suggested you rename the file.

  • Huge performance improvements in ArrowChat. Depending on the amount of users, your site could see a 25%-1000% performance increase.
  • Users with chat windows open of deleted accounts will now have those chat windows closed (fixes c is null error).
  • BuddyPress avatars will now display.
  • jQuery plugin detection to prevent reloading.
  • Debug file now checks for subdomain files.
  • Changed initial channel load to 700ms to prevent spinning.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the scrolling of chat windows when the browser width is too small.
  • Applications menu will minimize on tray click.
  • Long usernames will now display properly in the buddy list.
  • Fixed the hash insertion query for new users.
  • Fixed errors caused by PHP max execution time.
  • Closing a tab will now get rid of new message alerts.
  • Typing a long message will no longer cause a smaller chat window on send.
  • Disabling long-polling option has been fixed.
  • Changed the development blog proxy again.
  • More jQuery conflict issues fixed.

Upgrade Urgency

Upgrade Instructions

Files changed in this version (you should overwrite all of these files on your server)
*Note: If you do not have the previous version before this one, you may need to upload more than just these files. It is suggested you upload all the files in the new download except config.php.


Run if you are not installing a fresh copy of ArrowChat.

BuddyPress users should delete their old functions_receive.php file and rename the functions_receive_buddypress.php file to functions_receive.php.

We've also changed jQuery back to jqac, so you will need to use jqac for outside functions again. For example, onclick="javascript:jqac.arrowchat.chatWith('userID');"

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