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PostPosted: 07 May 2020, 19:30
by Jason
ArrowChat v3.0.2 Patch Notes
Mainly bug fixes but a few new features.

New Features
  • Hold to Copy - On mobile, a user can now hold their finger on a message to copy it. Currently no support for images.

  • Hold to Delete (Moderators) - On mobile, a moderator or admin can hold their finger on a chat room message to delete it.

  • Changed the arrowchat_status table from MyISAM to InnoDB as the benefits of MyISAM have gone down over the years. This was also causing rare performance issues.
  • Added the JavaScript API for mobile devices.
  • Removed the repair option in the ArrowChat admin panel. This was put in place a long time ago to fix errors and is no longer needed. You should re-run the install folder if you need to fix a corrupted database.
  • Messages are now limited to two line breaks in a row. Link breaks will now be shown in private chats, but will still not show in chat rooms to prevent spam.

Bug Fixes
  • The recent chat message variable has been fixed to remove line breaks. This was causing ArrowChat to disappear when a user typed a message with a line break.
  • Fixed @mention showing multiple times when the username or avatar is clicked.
  • Added the pop-out chat's "Private" and "Chat Rooms" language.
  • Fixed an issue with the chat window focus in and out color.
  • Fixed the user ID and friend's list in the SMF integration.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile chat room messages would go to every room.
  • The profile link in mobile chat rooms will now work under all circumstances.

Upgrade Instructions
Only perform these instructions if upgrading from v3.0.1. Otherwise, please follow the v3.0 upgrade instructions:

  • Step 1: Backup your existing files
    It's very important that you backup your files in case something goes wrong. You'll then have the old files that may help you fix any issues.

  • Step 2: Download and replace all files
    Download the v3.0.2 update from our site and replace all the files on your server. Replacing all the files will not delete any settings or information.

Make sure to update your theme files as there have been some changes to the CSS.

Make sure to update your language files as there have been some changes to the phrases.

SMF Integration:
Take the /arrowchat/includes/functions/integrations/functions_smf_v2.php file and rename it to /arrowchat/includes/integration.php

Files Changed
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arrowchat/themes/{theme name}/css/style.css