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by Jason 06 Jun 2020, 16:11

ArrowChat v3.0.4 Patch Notes
More bug fixes

  • The installer now checks that PHP sessions are working correctly before allowing an install.

Bug Fixes
  • Changed the emoji class name that modernizr adds to the body as it was causing issues with sites that use .emoji.
  • Fixed the video functionality on for iOS devices.
  • Fixed styling on mobile including chat box widths and the position of usernames.
  • Fixed styling issues with RTL on pop out chat.
  • The "Online", "Offline", and "Away" statuses can now be translated in mobile chat.
  • Fixed an undefined error when visiting a user's profile in mobile chat rooms.
  • Disabling the online list in the admin panel now disables it in mobile as well.

Upgrade Instructions
Only perform these instructions if upgrading from v3.0.3. Otherwise, please follow the v3.0 upgrade instructions:

  • Step 1: Backup your existing files
    It's very important that you back up your files in case something goes wrong. You'll then have the old files that may help you fix any issues.

  • Step 2: Download and replace all files
    Download the v3.0.4 update from our site and replace all the files on your server. Replacing all the files will not delete any settings or information. Alternatively, only replace the files listed below.

Anyone using the Right-To-Left feature:
Make sure to update your theme files as there have been some changes to the CSS.

Files Changed
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Theme Changes
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.arrowchat_popout_hide_lists - added /*i*/
#arrowchat_popout_wrapper.arrowchat_lists_hidden #arrowchat_popout_chat - added /*i*/
#arrowchat_popout_wrapper.arrowchat_lists_hidden #arrowchat_popout_open_chats - added /*i*/