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by Jason 24 Jun 2020, 23:51

ArrowChat v3.0.5 Patch Notes
More bug fixes

  • The chat room user list is now sorted alphabetically. Please note that the mod and admin list are still sorted by activity.
  • The and Vonage video chat integrations now provide an error message if the API key is blank or the site is not running on SSL.

Bug Fixes
  • Using the \ character in chat will no longer break ArrowChat. This should also fix a lot of other issues with the bar not displaying.
  • Fixed the emoji button not showing up (will still not show on incompatible browsers).
  • Fixed the private message button in chat rooms on mobile devices.
  • Fixed the undefined status in private messages on mobile devices.

Upgrade Instructions
Only perform these instructions if upgrading from v3.0.4. Otherwise, please follow the v3.0 upgrade instructions:

  • Step 1: Backup your existing files
    It's very important that you back up your files in case something goes wrong. You'll then have the old files that may help you fix any issues.

  • Step 2: Download and replace all files
    Download the v3.0.5 update from our site and replace all the files on your server. Replacing all the files will not delete any settings or information. Alternatively, only replace the files listed below.

Files Changed
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