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by Jason 22 Jul 2010, 12:15

New Features
  • Chat Rooms - ArrowChat now has the ability to add a chat room to your bar along with many customization options.
  • Turn Off Friend's List - You can now turn off the friend's list in the admin panel and have anyone communicate.
  • Buddy List Search Number - You can now have the buddy list search only display after a specified number is online.
  • Turn Off Avatars - ArrowChat can now completely turn off avatars through the admin panel.
  • Chat Maintenance - You can now bring ArrowChat down for maintenance which will not load anything but bar links and applications.
  • ArrowChat Announcements - You can now display an announcement on the ArrowChat bar at any time. It will display until you hide the announcement or the user clicks close.
  • Application Version Check - The admin panel will now check to make sure your applications are up-to-date.
  • Theme Version Check - The admin panel will now check to make sure your themes are up-to-date.
  • Extra Notification Field - The notifications now have three extra fields in the database to include any information that you wish.
  • Purge Messages - You can now purge messages from the ArrowChat admin panel at any time.
  • Admins - Users can now be set as admins. Along with this comes the option for admins to chat with anyone online regardless of friend status and to see the bar while in maintenance mode.
  • Theme Changing - User's now can change their theme to any active theme (Must be enabled in the admin panel).
  • Blinking Page Title - The page title will now blink on new messages if it is not in focus.
  • Installation Guide - The ArrowChat installation guide has been redone.

  • Performance - We have made a lot of performance improvements in this version and large sites should no longer have problems.
  • The recent chat panel in the admin panel has been updated with several more options and pages.
  • The admin panel now warns when the database is starting to get full.

Bug Fixes
  • FireFox applications now load correctly.
  • Debug file now checks the correct subdomain.
  • ArrowChat now supports non-number user IDs.
  • The admin panel will no longer overflow on long words.
  • The buddy list panels now allow for longer words.
  • The installer will now properly tell where to install with JomSocial.
  • Fixed a bug with the installer final instructions.
  • Fixed Drupal installation.
  • Fixed the send files to not display errors on post parameters.
  • Status and options popouts now display over chat windows.
  • Editing templates with </textarea> will no longer cause problems.

Upgrade Urgency

Upgrade Instructions

Due to the amount of files changed in this update, the upgrade process will require overwriting all files and running the Arrowchat installer again. You can look at your config.php file to view your previous installation settings -- these will not change.

It is important that you delete or rename all ArrowChat database tables before reinstalling.

Make copies of your config.php and includes/functions_receive.php files if they are unique so that you'll be able to transfer them over with the new version. STANDALONE CUSTOMERS: We have added a new function to the functions_receive.php file! Be sure to edit this if necessary.

Important Note: The header include files have changed. Be sure to update your header templates!
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by Staff Bot 07 Nov 2012, 12:40

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