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by Jason 12 Sep 2010, 08:55

New Integrations
  • Community Builder

New Features
  • Notifications See All Link - This link will now display the last 10 notifications.
  • Notification Pop Out Alert - A pop out bubble will now display for a few seconds when the user receives a new notification.
  • Guests Can See Chat Bar - There is now an option in the admin panel to allow guests to see the chat bar with a message telling them to login as well as the bar links.
  • Video Chat - There is now an option to turn video chat on in the admin panel to allow users to video chat with one another.

  • PHP short tags are no longer required to be turned on.
  • Separated the JavaScript file from the variables to create faster load times.
  • Cleaned up the JavaScript file.

Bug Fixes
  • Chatrooms will always display history (new installs only -- current installations should type 30 chatroom messages to fix this bug)
  • Invisible and busy status will no longer mark the user as idle to prevent several bugs.
  • Smilies and auto-links will no longer conflict.
  • Fixed a security vulnerability.

Upgrade Urgency

Upgrade Instructions

Replace all files but the includes/functions_receive.php and config.php files.

Download the new theme updates from the store and install them. (Delete the old theme from the admin panel and then hit install again to update the version number)

Run the upgrade file.

The footer code has been updated. You'll need to add the below code ABOVE your external.php?type=js script:

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<script type="text/javascript" src="/arrowchat/external.php?type=djs" charset="utf-8"></script> 

Be sure to change the path if that is not the path to your ArrowChat installation.

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by Staff Bot 07 Nov 2012, 12:40

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