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by Jason 12 Dec 2010, 16:31

New Features
  • JavaScript Compression - No more working with tightly compressed JavaScript files! The arrowchat_core.js file is now beautified and compresses when loaded. The file is also 36% smaller.
  • Upgrade Process - Most servers will now be able to upgrade ArrowChat automatically from their admin panel
  • Popout Chat - Users can now popout all their chat conversations if this feature is turned on
  • Application Improvements - Applications can now be defaulted to be a bookmark or not. The applications menu can now be sorted by users via drag and drop. Putting an application to the "Other Applications" list will remove its' icon from the bar.
  • File Transfer - Users can now transfer files between each other
  • Tab Widths - Admins can now set the width of their applications, buddy list, and chatrooms tabs.
  • ArrowChat Store - The ArrowChat store will be opening with or shortly after the release of v1.0 for developers.
  • Notifications - The notifications section will be updated shortly after the release of v1.0 to include all current integrations.
  • Repair - Having problems after you upgraded ArrowChat? The new repair feature will attempt to fix your ArrowChat installation.
  • 24-Hour time format

New Integrations
  • Boonex Dolphin
  • SkaDate
  • XenForo
  • Elgg
  • JCow
  • Jamroom
  • SocialEngine 4

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod devices will now show the ArrowChat bar static at the bottom
  • Video chat feature updated to include microphone only, no webcam users, and sharing of your desktop
  • Admin panel no longer displays blog pictures
  • Blank update_link in themes and applications in admin panel makes it not check for updates
  • The admin panel will now warn if a feature is turned off on the feature's manage page
  • The admin panel has received an updated look

Bug Fixes
  • Image fixed on notifications
  • Admin panel vulnerability fix
  • Minimized chats will no longer make infinite calls to the database if the information is corrupted
  • A deleted user will no longer cause an infinite loop
  • Drupal login issue fixed
  • Chatroom window will no longer popup for new users
  • Hyperlinks now display on send
  • .htaccess file now included to fix rewrite issues
  • phpFox user ID issue fixed
  • The applications window minimize box now lights up on mouseover
  • Chatrooms password box now displays correctly
  • The ArrowChat base finally has a z-index to appear over everything else
  • The theme switch box now has a height for sites forcing something larger
  • New messages from users over 1 hour are no longer cleared
  • The admin panel will now display the application preview icon properly
  • jQuery UI upgraded to 1.8.7 to fix the sortable bug in IE9 Beta
  • Fixed idle status bug that prevented users going idle again on the same page
  • A lot more big fixes not listed here

Upgrade Urgency

Upgrade Instructions

1. Overwrite all files and folders EXCEPT your config.php and includes/functions_receive.php file (remember to update the subdomain files).
2. Run
3. You MUST update all your themes to the newest version. Be sure to save your old style and images if you have custom edits.
4. Delete the install folder if you've re-uploaded it.
5. Clear your browser cache
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by Staff Bot 07 Nov 2012, 12:40

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