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PostPosted: 15 May 2011, 18:46
by Jason
New Features
  • Smart Polling - Idle users will now receive an increase of 3x the heart beat to reduce their server resources used.
  • Buddy List Heart Beat - The time that it takes for the buddy list to refresh can now be changed through the admin panel.
  • User Details API - You can now get a user's details through a new API. Detailed example is below.

New Integrations
  • osDate
  • Oxwall
  • vldPersonals
  • MyBB

  • Added a class to the messages sent after an action (ex. file upload) so they can be styled.
  • SocialEngine 4 avatars now get the thumbnails instead of the whole image.
  • Popout and video chat will no longer display ArrowChat in the title by default.

Bug Fixes
  • Chat rooms will no longer lose the title of the room when a user keeps it open when browsing.
  • Messaging an invisible user will no longer display the offline warning.
  • Chat tabs will no longer display in maintenance mode.
  • Fixed some confusing wording in the admin panel.
  • Fixed a problem with the hash_id and session_time being null.
  • Fixed a problem with smilies displaying.
  • Elgg integration file has been fixed.
  • SkaDate integration file has been fixed.
  • SocialEngine integration file has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the ban list.
  • The receive file will now check for a session before starting one.
  • Fixed an issue with JCow 5 redirecting the arrowchat folder.
  • Fixed image border on Twitter App
  • Fixed several issues with themes.

Upgrade Instructions

You can try to use the automatic upgrade process from your ArrowChat admin panel under the "Update" navigation. If that process fails, you can update ArrowChat by following these instructions:

1. Download ArrowChat from
2. Extract files
3. Delete the arrowchat/config.php file and install folder. You can also delete the "themes", "language", and "applications" folders if you have custom edits.
4. Copy and overwrite all files onto your server.
5. Run the Upgrade Folder. ex:
6. Update your themes to take full advantage of the updates.

Files changed in this version:


New Files:

Temporary solution to cache problems:

Update your ArrowChat footer template to include a "&v=1.0.6" at the end of the src attribute. The type=djs does NOT need this.
Code: Select all
<script type="text/javascript" src="/arrowchat/external.php?type=js&v=1.0.6" charset="utf-8"></script>

SocialEngine 4.1.5+, SkaDate, and Elgg Users
Rename the includes/functions_receive_{Your integration}.php file to functions_receive.php. Overwrite changes.

JCow 5 Users
Please delete all ArrowChat files and reinstall ONLY IF your JCow is not currently working.

User Details API Example
The data is sent back as JSON:
Code: Select all
jqac.arrowchat.getUser('USER ID','CALLBACK FUNCTION NAME');

Code: Select all
document.onload = function() {

function userdetails(data) {
   if (data.s == 'available') {
      alert('User is online');

Available JSON Data:
s - User status (available, away, busy, offline)
n - User's name
a - User's avatar path
l - User's profile link

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