Suggest features for the ArrowChat software
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by LVMikie 10 May 2017, 23:10

It would be well accepted if Admins and/or select users could be hidden from the chatroom user list in the same manner they can be hidden from the buddy list.

I saw this same recommendation in 2012 and no further comment or discussion on it. Seems senseless to hide in the buddy list but not the chat room. It defeats being hidden and in some cases it prevents appropriate monitoring of the chat rooms as people are hesitant to show their true colors or even carry on a conversation, noticing that there is an admin in the room.
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by Martok 18 May 2017, 05:58

Hiding from the buddy list means that an admin won't get disturbed by conversations from other members.

Hiding whilst in the chat room is a completely different thing, it allows people to be spied on which I don't think would go down well with members.

If an admin wants to check up on what is said in a chat room they can do this already from the chat room log in the ACP (and hence why members should be careful anyway about what they say).
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by danielusa 21 Jul 2022, 23:48

It's normal to leave the chat room of a close friend group, if you want to re-enter the group, just 1 other person can add you. animedle
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by amityusa0106 02 Dec 2022, 19:32

In case you are on the admin's hidden friends list but you want to join the group, just ask someone in that group to invite you in and get the admin's consent.