Suggest features for the ArrowChat software
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by FJasbindar 07 Jul 2020, 22:54

I'm using arrowchat with wordpress platform and currently I'm using newspaper theme..


I know how to fix this problem above.. I must fix it at my wordpress theme style

So, everytime they (theme developer) update the theme, I must repeat my fix process in order to make arrowchat look clean again.. and with that fix, I also face new issue with my posting area like below but it's not a big deal..


I think, arrowchat should use own textarea class instead using wordpress theme textarea class.. somehow, I feel annoying when I forgot to fix it after automatic update from theme developer..

just a trivial suggestion, thank you for the awesome software
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by Jason 08 Jul 2020, 00:26

We do use our own classes. The problem is that your theme is using styling like input,textarea{} and affecting all inputs and text areas.