Suggest features for the ArrowChat software
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by Fonzi 08 Nov 2022, 00:46

Hi, Jason
Please add new visible features to make it look like Messenger
So far it's so ordinary... :(

we would welcome these features

- Edit own message
- Delete own message
- Simple Like/Unlike or Reactions of messages (like facebook reactions or xenforo 2 reactions)
- Quote of messages
- Set Link on part of the messagetext (like instead of
- Tagging of users
(like xenforo user tagging @username, that links the username to users xenforo profile and creates a desktop/browser notification visually and toggable tagging-sound.
If you type "@" and begin typing a name a drop down box should appear showing users names either all users or just those in the current chat room. like how facebook tagging works when you type "@")
- I would welcome the function Seen (when he starts writing three dots...)

and many other useful features...

Thank you.