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The Viewer exceeds every browser size...

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2012, 08:07
by at0m33

if you got a very big ts3 server with many, many channels and this viewer has no scroll bars... it looks extremely overloaded (the channel-list exceeds my monitor size (1920x1080)).

Can this be fixed in some way? Otherways, it works very well.


PostPosted: 07 Aug 2012, 08:50
by vienem
I will have a look at this and try have it fixed asap, thanks for letting me know :) keep checking back here for the update

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2012, 16:03
by vienem
The issue has been fixed, please download the latest update and enjoy :)

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2012, 06:38
by at0m33
works great. thanks!

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2014, 14:10
by TimThomas
I am having this issue with the current version of the app.