Kick Starter


  • All the basics including:
    ▸ Private Chat
    ▸ Chat Rooms
    ▸ File Transfer
    ▸ Applications
    ...and more
  • 6 months of software updates
  • 30 days of technical support





 One-time Charge

No reoccurring or hidden fees. ArrowChat is a one-time cost.

 Unlimited Users

Host as many users as you want! None of our packages limit the number of users.

 U.S.A Based

We're based in the U.S.A. for a better support experience.

Enterprise Package

The enterprise package is built for users with a lot of sites or WordPress MU. You can install ArrowChat as many times as you want on websites that you personally own.


Purchase Enterprise


Tons of Member Perks

Get access to many features after making a purchase

One-time Charge

ArrowChat is a one-time cost with no monthly fees and no hidden costs.

Store Access

Buy and sell modifications, themes, and applications from the online store.

Technical Support

Each package of ArrowChat comes with at least 30 days of technical support tickets.

Instant Download

There will be a small wait after payment to prevent fraudulent orders. You'll be downloading in less than 5 minutes.

Upgrade Any Time

Not ready to buy the business package yet? Start with the kick starter and upgrade at any time for the difference in price.

Software Updates

We continuously update ArrowChat and you'll receive at least six months of free updates.