Improve reliability and speed

The push service will deliver messages using our super-fast servers. This helps reduce load, improve reliability, and provide near-instant delivery.


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Large sites


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How it improves your site

A short list of the ways our push service helps your ArrowChat installation.

  • Reduced Load

    Your messages are sent through our servers instead of your own.

  • Faster Delivery

    A typical server looks for messages every three seconds. Ours is instant.

  • Synchronization

    All messages and settings sync across browsers and tabs.

  • Reliability

    The failure rate of a message is near zero because it is instant.

All plans come with a 14-day free trial


How it works

A quick overview of what this service does.

  • 1

    Input API Keys

    You input the API keys we provide you with into the admin panel.

  • 2

    Server Connection

    ArrowChat automatically connects to our server through websockets.

  • 3

    Messages Delivered

    Messages are insantly pushed to your server when a user sends a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a required service?

No. You can choose to host ArrowChat on your own server instead. This push service is for those who want instant delivery of messages or whose server can no longer handle the load (due to a big increase in concurrent users).

How does this service work?

Traditionally, ArrowChat will poll your server every 3 seconds for new information (e.g. new messages, typing status, announcements, etc). With our push service, your server will make a connection to our push server and we'll push the messages back instantly as soon as they are sent. This connection to our server requires no extra load from your server.

What is considered an event?

One event is counted for each time something is sent and delivered. If a user sends a message to 10 other users, it will count as 11 events. The term 'event' refers to typing notifications, announcements, one-on-one messages, chat room messages, notifications, and more. Keeping that in mind, each time you send a message, the following events happen:1. User A sends User B message
2. User A sends User A message (This seems weird but required for synchronization)
3. User B receives User A message
4. User A receives User A message (This will be counted multiple times if the user has multiple tabs/devices open)
5. User A sends "is typing" message
6. User B receives "is typing" message

Does this push service work for mobile and pop-out chat?

Yes. Our push server fully supports pop-out chat, mobile chat, and web chat.

What happens when I use more events than I bought?

You'll have seven days to upgrade your account and pay the difference. If no payment is received within this time, we will cancel your push service and you'll need to resubscribe.

Is it easy to install this?

Yes. The ArrowChat admin panel or installation simply asks you for your push service API keys. Just enter the keys that we send you and you're up and running.

I have two or more copies of ArrowChat. Do I need two or more subscriptions?

No. You can use the same API keys for all of your sites. The events and users will add up together.