Speed Up ArrowChat

Our push service brings many benefits including reducing load and instant messaging

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Exceeding 10,000 concurrent connections (10k people on your site at once) may result in additional charges.


Reduce Server Load

Our push service will reduce the load on your server by 95%. You'll instantly see the quicker results.


Instant Delivery

Messages are delivered in near real-time so there is no waiting around for the polling process.


Full Synchronization

The push service supports full syncing of messages between a user's browser tabs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a required service?

    Absolutely not! You can choose to host ArrowChat on your own server instead. This push service is for those who want instant delivery of messages or whose server can no longer handle the load (due to a big increase in concurrent users).

  • What is considered a message?

    One message is counted for each time something is sent and delivered. If a user sends a message to 10 other users, it will count as 11 messages.

  • Does this push service work for chat rooms and popout chat?

    Of course! What good is a push service if only half the messages are delivered through it? Our push server fully supports popout chat and chat room messages as well as one-on-one chat.

  • What happens when I use more messages than I bought?

    You'll immediately be required to upgrade your account and pay the difference. If no payment is received within a 3 day grace period then we will cancel your push service and you'll need to resubscribe.

  • How does this service work?

    Traditionally, ArrowChat will poll your server every 3 seconds for new information (e.g. New messages, Typing Status, Announcements, etc). With our push service, your server will make a connection to our push server and we'll push the messages back instantly as soon as they are sent. This connection to our server requires no extra load from your server.

  • Is it easy to install this?

    Absolutely! The ArrowChat admin panel or installation simply asks you for your push service API keys. Just enter the keys that we send you and you're up and running.

  • Which ArrowChat versions does this work on?

    This push service was implemented in v2.2, so it will only work on v2.2 and beyond.

  • I have two or more copies of ArrowChat. Do I need two or more API keys?

    Yes, each installation of ArrowChat will require separate keys.