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  • Is the source code encrypted?

    Absolutely not! It's not even minified. Everything is 100% open and editable to you with the exception of removing the "Powered By ArrowChat" branding if you did not purchase the branding-free option.

  • Are updates in the future free?

    You'll receive six months to one year of free software updates depending on which package you purchase. After that, software updates are $20 per six months or per year depending on the package.

  • What are the server requirements?

    For complete server requirement information, please click here.

  • Can I use ArrowChat with another language?

    Absolutely! ArrowChat is extremely easy to use with another language. Some of our members have provided language files in our forums, or you can convert it yourself through a single language file.

  • How many users can ArrowChat handle?

    This answer widely depends on how powerful your server is. We have dedicated servers running more than 1,000 online users with no problems, but shared servers will most likely be able to handle much less.

  • I don't have a supported integration, will ArrowChat work with my site?

    Absolutely! If you don't know how to code, you can simply enable guest chat only and no coding is necessary. If you do know how to code, there is a single integration file where you'll have to do some very minimal modifications to integrate ArrowChat into your site. We also offer professional if you'd like us to do everything for you.

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  • I've purchased ArrowChat; where is my login information?

    Typically, you should have received your information near instantly to your email address that you used to pay (remember to check your spam folder). However, our fraud check can take up to 24 hours to verify your information. If it has been longer than that, please contact us and we'll check on the status of your order.

  • Is ArrowChat a one-time fee?

    Yes, but to continue receiving updates to the software, store access, forum access, and more, you'll need to renew every six months for a fee of $20. If you renew more than a week past expiration, the fee will cost you $30.

  • How soon will I be able to download after purchase?

    Usually you can download almost instantly. Once our fraud check is complete (no longer than 24 hours, usually instantly), we'll send you an email with your login information.

  • Can I purchase ArrowChat even though I don't have a domain yet?

    Yes! You can purchase ArrowChat now and update your registered domain name later.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Because the product is instantly available for download and there is a trial version, we cannot offer refunds.

  • Does ArrowChat work with <insert integration> <insert version>?

    The short answer, yes. Whether or not you will need to customize the installation depends on if you're running a supported integration. For a full list of supported integrations, please click here. We always update ArrowChat to work with the latest version of the supported integrations and sometimes older versions.

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  • How long does the license last?

    Forever, but to continue receiving updates to the software, store access, forum access, and more, you'll need to renew every six months for a fee of $20. If you renew more than a week past expiration, the fee will cost you $30.

  • How many times can I install with one license?

    We allow one live installation and one test installation. You cannot upload ArrowChat more than once on a server for any reason unless it is for testing purposes. You will need a separate license for each installation.

  • Do you offer an unlimited license?

    Absolutely! To receive a custom quote, please contact us with as much information as possible about what you're trying to achieve.

  • Can I transfer a license to someone else?

    No, an ArrowChat license is non-transferable. If you sell your website, the new owner will need to purchase a copy of ArrowChat.

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  • How easy is it to customize ArrowChat?

    Extremely Easy! Our feature-rich admin panel will do most of the stuff you need by just clicking a checkbox. For more in-depth customization, our CSS, templates, and images can handle a whole lot. For even more customization, our JavaScript file is minified on the fly for easy editing.

  • Will ArrowChat do any custom modifications, applications, themes, etc?

    At this time, we are not accepting custom requests.

  • What tools do you recommend for customization?

    Here's our recommendations for ArrowChat customization:

    FTP Client: WinSCP
    Telnet/SSH Client: PuTTY
    Code Editor: Programmer's Notepad

    Mac OSX Users: Coda

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  • Do I get support with my purchase?

    We provide complimentary support for 30 days or more depending on the edition you purchase. Our excellent team of in-house support personnel are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.

  • Can I extend my support time?

    Absolutely! You can extend your support at any time, but you'll receive a small discount if you renew within one week of it expiring.

  • What types of issues does support cover?

    Our support team will assist with initial Software installation, general questions related to the script and technical errors encountered during the normal use of unmodified script. We cannot assist with customization of the script or installation of custom websites.

  • Do you have phone support?

    We only have support through an online ticket system at this time. This way, all your ticket information is neatly kept together in one place.

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  • How do I install ArrowChat?

    To install ArrowChat, please follow on online installation instructions:

  • How do I re-install/uninstall ArrowChat?

    If re-installing, just overwrite all files from the ArrowChat download, clear out your database of "arrowchat_" tables, and run the web installer again. If uninstalling, simply remove all ArrowChat files and delete all "arrowchat_" tables from the database.

  • How do I move ArrowChat to a new server?

    Simply copy the ArrowChat files and "arrowchat_" tables from the database onto the new server. You'll also need to copy and paste the ArrowChat header/footer code onto your new templates.

  • How long does professional installation take?

    Currently, professional installation takes anywhere from 1-3 business days after the fraud check is complete. In rare circumstances, it can take longer.

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  • Can I list my own products in the ArrowChat store?

    As long as you have an active ArrowChat license, you can list products in the ArrowChat store and charge for your products if you want. All your products will be temporarily removed from the store if you fail to renew your license.

  • Does it cost anything to become a developer?

    No, but you'll need to have an active ArrowChat license to publish on the store.

  • Do you guys take anything out of the purchase price?

    Currently, we take the industry-standard of 30% away from the total purchase price.

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  • What is the release date of <insert feature, version, etc>?

    Typically, we do not provide release dates for any products. We found that promising a date and then missing that date would make our customers upset. Surprising our customers with new updates out of nowhere has worked much better for our team. In the rare event that we do announce a release date, it will be posted in our announcements forum:

  • Can I get a discount on ArrowChat for <insert reason>?

    Sorry, but we don't have any discounts running unless they're published on our blog or forum.

  • Is there an affiliate program?

    Yes, ArrowChat customers with an active license will have access to our affiliate program through ClickBank. We offer a generous 20% of the purchase price back to you.

*Some restrictions apply, please see our license agreement for full details.