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Ticket By zoxtrix 11 Jun 2020, 08:17

An iOS user brought the following issue to my attention yesterday. After a fairly long private chat session with someone, the user's message history for the particular session on the mobile interface became jumbled and from that point forward remained out of chronological order. I viewed her screenshot, which confirmed that the older messages were at the bottom. I've been unable to duplicate this issue on android.

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Ticket By Jason 24 Jun 2020, 17:18

This is something we'll need more precise steps on how to reproduce this. When exactly did the problem occur? Was it after doing a certain action?
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Ticket By zoxtrix 07 Jul 2020, 08:34

Sorry for the delayed response. This issue occurred during a rather lengthy chat session between myself and another user. She in fact sent me some screenshots that clearly showed the timestamps had become out of order. We had been chatting for probably 2 hours or so when it occurred.

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