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by Jason 16 Apr 2010, 01:08

Technical Support and Customer Service
As we expected, technical support and customer service received very good marks across the board. We don't anticipate making a whole lot of changes to this system. However, one upcoming new feature is the documentation for ArrowChat.

ArrowChat Software
Also as expected, we received average marks on the current software build due to the features missing until v1.0. This was expected, and we highly believe that this will improve as we get closer to the v1.0 release.

On a positive note, we received very good ratings for installation difficulty and the anticipation of v1.0 features. However, we don't feel the installation difficulty is as easy as it can be yet and will continue to improve it.

The speediness of updates also received average marks. That's something we would love to change, but unfortunately little can be done in that area. We will be focusing a bit more time on development, but we don't have the funds to hire more staff at this time.

Response to a Few Common Complaints/Suggestions

Release Dates - No, it will not happen.

v1.0 is taking too long - Believe it or not, v1.0 isn't as far off as some of you may think. The planned features are not something that will take a long time to implement and in some cases are already partially done. We're still on v0.1 only because the amount of bugs in the first release was unacceptable. We need to have a fairly stable version before new features are implemented.

More features, integrations, etc = They are coming!

What we're Changing

Daily Updates - We'll be creating some kind of daily blog with what we accomplished each day.

More Development Time - Let's face it, the software is the most important thing. We're trying to improve the amount of time that goes into development instead of other parts of the company. Although we can only do so much, new releases should come a bit faster.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. If you have not yet done so, your responses will still be considered if you complete it.
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by Staff Bot 07 Nov 2012, 12:40

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