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by SinglesNet 17 Feb 2018, 17:47

I have my DatingScript site set up that new sign-ups are basic members until they pay to upgrade. I have the Arrowchat Basic members group permissions set up so that everything is disabled for Basic members, they can not chat. However, I created a test profile, clicked on the chat link and a very basic popout page opened up with a menu to:

enter the password for this chat room
change your name
chat sounds
show names only
manage block list
allow show names
block private chats
hide left panel
enter the name you'd like to use
select the user you wish to unblock,

This is not supposed to happen, I don't want them to see anything regarding chat! I want the popout to only state something like, "you are not authorized to access this page" or "you must be an upgraded member to access this page". Has anyone come across this problem and if so, can you tell me which settings I need to make this work properly either within DatingScript or Arrowchat? I'm using the PureLove template with DatingScript. My goal is to allow chat for upgraded members only.