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by ADenning 11 Aug 2018, 19:05

currently running v2.1

never really could get video chat to work with Tinychat

when trying to initiate a video chat it pops open a new window that tries to open a room at
but it never loads, just a blank page, no errors

I see that the code calls on a piece of js or javascript from this url :

I notice though when I put url in it no longer exists and gives a 404 page not found which i'm guessing why the video chat doesn't work

has anyone found a solution for this?

does anyone have free tinychat version video working on their website that I can take a look at?


below is the full section of code

<div id="video_chat">
<script type='text/javascript'>
var tinychat = { room: "arrowchat{1495221283}", join: "auto", api: "none", change: "none", nick: "{Guest}", colorbk: "0xffffff"};
<script src=""></script>
<div id="client"></div>