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by DigitalArchitect 25 Jul 2019, 06:24


I have an company and for I'm looking to invest in multiple wordpress/buddypress site"s. I would like to test arrowchat but i'm stuck at the installing procedure. Is there an bug ore am I doing something wrong? I unpacked the download zip file and placed the arrowchat file with cyberduck in to my buddypress directory. I used my webbrowser to go to the installlation (requirements,database, administration, configuration and confirm). I receive always the message: "Oops! There is an error: ArrowChat could not find your BuddyPress configuration file. Check to make sure that the ArrowChat folder is located within your BuddyPress folder".

In my trial and error I one time It somehow found my folder while i did nothing special. I just repeated the same proces. Somehow it accepted it and I could go to administration ; configuration. In configuration it get stuck again, it didn't recognize my database perfix. I know I used the correct name cause my host confirmed It's the good one. I went back to database, clicked on next and again it did not recognize buddypress folder. So I coud restart over again. In an effort it would recognize the buddypress configuration file ( there was none such file in buddypress), I tried placing an bp-custom.php file in wp-content/ plugin directory ore I tried to place it also in the wp-content/buddypress. I did the same steps for config.php file. But can't figure out what the problem is.

I realy want to invest in a livechat plugin for multiple site's but, I just want the free version to work before I do. The last what I want (this comes out of own experience in the past with other plugins) is invest my time and money to find out that the same problem are there in the premium and buisness. I notice that my free trial wil expire soon, so if you could still help me with this I promise you that i will be an happy client.

And a happy client counts for 2 ;),
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have a nice day