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by martinbeek 14 Dec 2014, 19:11

On my (default) ArrowChat installation, i can't stop the music once i click Keep App Open.
I can see it working on this forum, but on my website, i can't undo the Keep App Open.
Anything i can/should do? Already tried to edit the app, but nothing works.

Thanks and kind regards,

Martin Beek
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by DBeard 17 Dec 2014, 02:22

I'm not a tech pro, but here is what I know about this app. There are two "Keep app open" option.
1. In the admin panel there is one that will allow the player to keep playing when you close it, but if you change, or refresh the page it won't play automatically. You have to open it again. You can stop it by clicking on the pause button.
2. The other is on the app itself by clicking the gear icon in the top right, and selecting to keep the app open. This one will allow the player to automatically start when you change pages, or refresh the page. Unchecking the option should revert it back to normal settings. If that isn't happening, the developer will need to jump in.