Angry Birds Rio

ArrowChat Team
This is the Angry Birds Rio flash game for your ArrowChat bar. Simply install it and your users will be playing this game from ArrowChat!

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v1.0 to v3.0.7
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Trendmyself says:
Dec 11, 2013

Bad Bad Autoredirect!!!!

instadating says:
Dec 9, 2013

redirects to other sites are bad.

SBrown says:
Mar 22, 2013

would be better if it didnt open the other site when you click play. redirects to other sites are bad.

gabry says:
Jul 29, 2012


Jason says:
Jun 17, 2012

Angry Birds!

AAciobanitei says:
Jun 17, 2012

too bad it is diverting your site traffic. When a user clicks play button apps opens another site in new window. Member will prefer to move to that site instead stay on your page.

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