Farmville is an application for ArrowChat that lets you play the popular Farmville flash game. Farmville pops up from the ArrowChat bar and lets your users play Farmville from within your website.

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v1.0 to v2.2
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PWales says:
Apr 27, 2016

This is just a link to Facebook. If you want users to stay on your site, don't bother.

RCarter says:
May 23, 2013

Looks good but when starts it takes the user off to Facebook, the description for this app is wrong.

SBrown says:
Mar 22, 2013

redirects your users to facebook, doesn't play the game on your site.

wedaoo says:
Jun 8, 2012

on ne peut pas jouer sur le site directement, part sur facebook au lieu de jouer sur le site

iSimon says:
May 10, 2011

This is greate work from you!

AHead says:
Apr 24, 2011

This Is Very Popular With My Members...Also Helps Keep Them On My Forum When Its Time Tou

I Did Though Have To Mess With The Index To Get The Game To Show The Farming Tools, But Not A Probem...

Thanks And Would Love To See Some Other FB Apps Like This ;)

Jason says:
Nov 29, 2010

FarmVille on your website, what more can I say? Awesome!

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