This article will take you through installing and creating an application within ArrowChat.


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Installing an Application

Installing an application is done by uploading the application's folder to the /applications/ directory via FTP or whatever method you use to upload files on your server.

Applications folder FTP

After the application folder has been added, it can be installed and activated in the ArrowChat admin panel under Manage > Applications. Simply click Install next to the application.

Creating a New Application

In this section, we'll take you through the process of creating your own application. First, lets take a look at the basic directory structure for applications. It is very helpful if you download an existing application developed by the ArrowChat team on our store.

Directory Structure
  • Application NameGive your application folder any name
    • imagesShould contain all your images
      • Icon ImageThe main image file
      • index.htmlA blank file to prevent people from seeing other files
    • includesShould contain any JavaScript or CSS files
      • cssShould contain any CSS files
        • index.htmlA blank file to prevent people from seeing other files
      • index.htmlA blank file to prevent people from seeing other files
    • index.phpYour main file with HTML. This is what the user will see when loading the app.
    • install.phpContains processes for installation
    • install_config.phpContains configuration information for the installation
    • preload.phpYou can have your app do things before it is clicked
    • settings.phpYou can setup a settings page in the admin panel with this file
Files Explanation
index.php The index.php file is the main file for your application. It will get called whenever the application is clicked so you'll want to put any HTML or JavaScript in here.
install.php This file is called when the user first installs the application. The most common application for it would be to setup a database table(s).
install_config.php This is a configuration file for the installation. You'll want to download a copy of this from other applications and customize it for your own application.
preload.php This file is called when the chat bar is loaded. We highly recommend that you only use this file for non intensive pre-loading operations.
settings.php This file is called when the admin clicks on the application's settings in the admin panel. You can use this to change the settings of the application.
Icon Image This should be a 16x16 pixel icon image in any format (preferably png, jpg, or gif). This icon is the icon displayed on the ArrowChat bar to represent the application. It must be located in the images folder and the name must be filled out in the install_config.php file.

Now that you know that basic structure of an application, we recommend that you download an application from our store and try it out yourself.