Private Chat

One-on-one live chat is our bread and butter. We've been carefully crafting a recipe up for years that makes both the user and admin experience the best in the business. The web chat software features listed below are just a small sample of everything included.

Video and Voice Chat

Voice/Video Chat

People can video and/or voice chat with each other live straight from ArrowChat.



Users can send smilies to each other with ease.

File Upload

Send Files

Users can send and receive files and images while chatting.

Word Censoring

Word Censoring

Automatically block words that you don't want your users saying to each other.

Report Users

Report Users

Abusers and spammers are no longer a problem as users are able to report conversations.

Block Users

Block Users

ArrowChat users can instantly block anyone that they don't want to communicate with.

Live Web Chat Rooms

Create online chat rooms for your users to have a group conversation. Users can also create chat rooms themselves including admin only, password-protected, and public rooms with our web chat software.


More engagement = more time on your site

Chat Room Flood Control

Flood Controls

Limit the number of messages that a user can send every X seconds.

Chat Room Silence and Kick

Silence/Kick Users

Admins/mods have the option of kicking, silencing, or banning those abusive users.

Chat Room Moderators

Assign Moderators

Setup moderators and admins in chat rooms that can perform various actions.

Chat Room Delete Message

Instant Delete

Delete spam or abuse in a chat room in a single click. The message is deleted in real-time.

Welcome Messages

Welcome Messages

Display a short message for users when they first ever a room.

Chat Room Descriptions and Images

Descriptions & Images

Now you can give your room more meaning before a user enters with a short description and image.


With our full application website chat software system, you can download a wide variety of applications from our store to use with ArrowChat. You can even create your own online chat application and submit them too.


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